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I could never adapt myself to doors and walls. Limits and routine are not in my everyday life, but I fit very well in a suit and appreciate discipline. I am Swiss, born in Brazil and have studied engineering, achitecture, computing, performing arts and photography. I have driven 4x4 automobiles for thousands of miles through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and the three Guianas, as well as all Brazilian regions more than once. I have memorized texts and poetry; attended philosophical meetings; worked at both sides of cameras; talked to beggars, lunatics, street-sweepers, lawyers and businessmen. I like knowledge. Places and people facinate me. I have learned more in one night among amazon indigenous people than at some political classes at school. I have spent many nights protected only by the stars, counting the falling ones; I have turned off some lights and lighted up campfires and felt the fragrance of many flowers and rain drops hitting my face. I am able to recognize some trees and birdsongs. I have woke up wet by dew, walked barefooted, climbed some rocks and collected some smiles, some friends and some extra miles cycling, paddling and sailing. For sleeping, I prefer hammocks. I like talking, but I‘d rather stay quiet watching, feeling the moments which I may register through my camera‘s lenses.


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